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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Me - Character design

Submarine - Viscomm 7

Texturing - Visual development,Viscom 7

Peaceful moment - I use my painting from Visual development class
Nuclear fallout

New human after nuclear war?


Action and background test - viscom 7

I have a plan to use huge Budah statue for last scene painting in Visual development class.

ALIEN RACE - Shaman rider "CUMBARUN"

I inspired by African traditonal shaman dancer's costume, body painting and thier wooden mask.

Classic monster redesign - MINOTAUR

I redesign Minotaur in Greek mythology by changing it's time period from Greek mythology to contemporary.

ORC WAR DOG - character design

This dog is designed for orcs in world of war craft and the orcs in WOW have humorous part, so I tried to express customers(Orcs) characteristics by designing dog's functions and body proportion.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Temple of the colossus: the shadow of the colossus extension

A nest of the colossus : the shadow of the colossus extension

Theme restaurant design

Theme restaurant "Innerspace"

VISCOMM 6 - Dramatic narrative

The researchers remove the sacred crystal as lightning strikes all around them, awakening the spirits from their resting places.
In one swift motion, the towering creature broke free from its steel shackles sending government scientists hurting into the walls of the top-secret facility, as a hailstorm of bullets ricocheted its genetically engineered skin.

As the sea exploded in a frenzy sharks, the dive team scattered, taking to the controls of their jet-powered submersibles, madly dodging the ravenous beasts, one diver behind clutching the sunken idol still hoping to bring it to the surface....

Traveling through the rocky canyon, the horse-drawn munitions wagon explodes as it is ambushed by the natives with flaming arrows.

1960's car chasing

Lunar Olympic

Giant insects attack the drive-in theater


Nazzi drilling facility

Catacomb armory