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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Me - Character design

Submarine - Viscomm 7

Texturing - Visual development,Viscom 7

Peaceful moment - I use my painting from Visual development class
Nuclear fallout

New human after nuclear war?


Action and background test - viscom 7

I have a plan to use huge Budah statue for last scene painting in Visual development class.

ALIEN RACE - Shaman rider "CUMBARUN"

I inspired by African traditonal shaman dancer's costume, body painting and thier wooden mask.

Classic monster redesign - MINOTAUR

I redesign Minotaur in Greek mythology by changing it's time period from Greek mythology to contemporary.

ORC WAR DOG - character design

This dog is designed for orcs in world of war craft and the orcs in WOW have humorous part, so I tried to express customers(Orcs) characteristics by designing dog's functions and body proportion.